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The Psychology of color in Roulette

Why black or red?

Fiery red and Elegant black, these two colors are often crucial in roulette – I double my profit or I lose him.

The psychological effect of color is caused by automatic and subconscious reactions and associations. These result from the internalization of many lessons learned. If one has, for example, a good run at roulette with a certain color, then shapes the one in our memory. Something important about the two colors in the casino:

The color red stands for strong feelings and excitement. Red is the first color that was named in the language of the world. It is the color of progress. Wherever it comes to renewal of life that requires great dynamics, the color red is attached. Red as a color accent is always encouraging and lively, so elements are perceived more quickly and easily. Red is also the color of communication, love, togetherness, to the unbridled delight. Red promises fun, movement and the absolute joy of life. Red is also the color of laughter and intense joy.

Red symbolizes: happiness, joy, energy, love, passion, impulsiveness and seduction.

Black is the color of power and strength. Who is in the black makes a profit. Black is the color of high prestige. She looks graceful, elegant, powerful, elegant and exclusive. but Black also refers to forbidden and immoral. Black is the perennial fashion color at all serious occasions. It evaluates on almost every product and makes it more expensive and more festive. Black is also the color of individuality. People who want to emphasize their independence and their individuality especially, often dress black.

Black symbolizes: modernity, practicality, functionality, conservatism, strength and elegance.

Everyone is attracted to other colors, so also in black and red. It is a personal, individual and not predictable decision. Come at roulette the third time red, many think that now Black has become more likely. Did they set and lost three times on black, put in the next game, the x – times to get it all back, because Black is supposedly overdue and then they have to watch that again wins Red.

Do not be fooled by probability calculations, but listen to the translated to your gut feeling.

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