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Play Roulette online: the best roulette bonus

Playing roulette online is probably one of the most popular activities in online casinos

Many roulette casinos now offer this pleasure also in a live version. Let the ball of, usually of a beautiful woman, throw into the kettle. But I can also calm down the ladies, who like to play roulette sometimes … there are also nice men who can bring luck. You can also observe the bets of the other players. It’s almost like you’re in the local casino. Of course there is

Also the other types of roulette which should not be forgotten. For all those who like to be the first to rouse the roulette game, and secondly to prefer the fast turning of the ball. Especially with the new and fast Bet  connections one should also look at the Roulette Live casino of the offerers. That has real flair!

Roulette strategy

Particularly popular are the various roulette strategies that have been developed over the centuries. This is unfortunately mostly “legends” because there are no working secret recipes or tricks to play roulette online.

It is much more important to look at whether the casino is trustworthy, the support is fast and in German language and whether the payment possibilities are present. And natural the online roulette bonus, which can actually influence the odds in your favor.

Roulette Casino License – Are the Casinos Serious?

All of our casinos have a valid license, either from Europe or from another trustworthy jurisdiction, and are therefore absolutely serious and trustworthy. The support is available in German and the payments are fast and secured.

Different roulette games: Beside the classics there are almost countless variants of the popular game there as a choice, besides the classic variants from Europe, France and America.

Roulette rules

There are a whole host of rules that you should consider depending on which variant of the roulette online you want to play. To bring to you all the rules would be beyond the scope of this review. We therefore recommend the roulette guide, which deals specifically with roulette rules, roulette systems and roulette casinos and makes both good and honest analyzes, as well as even more detailed literature.

These 3 Classic variations are probably best known in roulette casinos, but what is probably Marvel roulette?
Marvel Roulette Playtech

Marvel Roulette casinos only with the Playtech softwareMarvel Roulette is a progressive roulette with an “extra box” for the Marvel bonus. You will find Marvel Roulette casinos only with the Playtech software working casinos. (See also the upper table). For the little extra stimulus, whether the ball next to the rather undesirable zero comes to a halt, this roulette is best suited. Yes and not to forget the progressive jackpot.

The bets for the Marvel bonus range from a minimum of 0.10 cent to a maximum of 10 €, with betting opportunities ranging from 1: 4 to 1:99 – depending on luck. The other maximum wagers go up to a maximum of 200 € – for the simple bets, with a payout 1: 1. What is also nice in this variant is the quick overview of the statistics. Please try your luck, with this roulette variant – good luck!

Video Roulette is also an exceptional roulette variant ….

  • If the ball lands on the zero, you’ll get half of your bets on the outside for La Partage.
  • Here you can decide if you want to take your time for your game – or rather turn on the turbo and turn pair of round laps?
  • The most personal roulette on the Internet, in the gameplay, you will find only the games you have participated in.
  • Use these statistics and the “heat map” to analyze your personal game balance! Learn which numbers are hot and which are not.

Have you seen New AR Roulette?

This variant with roulette online play offers further employment possibilities, I have this times on the picture represented … So there is always something new to discover when playing roulette.

No matter for which roulette casinos you choose, good luck and the right field in which the ball hits in the kettle I definitely want!

Winning chances and winning winnings at roulette

If you are interested in the subject of mathematical probabilities, we recommend this diploma thesis. Detailed analysis and detailed formulas are used to analyze the profitability of the various roulette variants and their application by means of strategies.

Play Roulette free

There are many ways to play roulette online for free. From Facebook to most online casinos that provide a flash variant of the various roulette games. With Facebook you only need one account and have to register with the respective application. For the online casinos you can often test the free variant even without registration. But without playing for real money.

Roulette Bonus

A bonus without deposit will be rare in roulette. This is simply due to the high profit probability of roulette, for example, if you bet on black / red. If this bonus actually exists, then it is usually tied to very high sales conditions. However, there are different bonuses with deposit and these are often very interesting and quite recommendable. Keep in mind, however, that the bonus must be rotated much more often, so with slots, which are yes with a payout rate of only 90-97%.

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