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Online Roulette

What to know about roulette:

  • When roulette bets, you bet on which fields the ball lands after turning on the disc.
  • You can select different bet groups, or by color, or by number row. The more difficult it is to make the bet (simple odds), the higher the payout and vice versa (multiple odds).
  • Roulette is a very simple gamble. There is no particular strategy to increase the chances.

Game History & Rules

Online roulette is very easy. For beginners, however, it can quickly become clear in the betting. It is therefore essential to become familiar with the structure of the fields and the gameplay of a roulette game at the casino.

Roulette setup

With roulette there is always a turning wheel with either 37 or 38 fields. Each field has a number and is either red or black in alternation. The European roulette wheels always have 37 fields, the American one with a double zero (00).

The game begins after betting the players have been placed. Then, the roulette wheel is rotated in one direction and a ball is inserted in the opposite direction. The ball continues to move until the wheel slows down and falls from its “tread” at the rim into the wheel and its fields. He finally stays on one of the fields.

Roulette betting

In roulette you bet first and foremost, which of the numbered squares the ball will finally land on. However, there are different forms of betting and different ways to get the most out of the game. This is the most difficult part of roulette: to thoroughly understand the betting possibilities, in order to maximize your own winning possibilities.

We have listed all bets with their payout rates. If you have an overview of the possibilities of setting, you can also deal much better with the fields of the tableau and possibly also strategically with these options.
Roulette Table Australia

Multiple chances
Roulette would be very boring if you bet with the simple odds. Due to the multiple betting possibilities, you can not only increase your payout rate but also make the game much more exciting and use several strategy options.
Bet Payout Chances Description
1. Straight 35:1 2,7% An exact number of 1-37
2. Split 17:1 5,4% Two adjacent numbers
3. Street 11:1 8,1% Three numbers of a cross-row
4. First Four 8:1 10,8% The four numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3
5. Corner 8:1 10,8% Four adjacent numbers
6. Six Line 5:1 16,2% Two adjacent transverse rows
7. 1st Dozen 2:1 32,4% First dozen: 1 to 12
8. 2nd Dozen 2:1 32,4% Second dozen: 13 to 24
9. 3rd Dozen 2.1 32,4% Third dozen: 25 to 36
10. Column 2:1 32,4% One of the three lines “2 to 1”
Simple opportunities
Everyone knows these bets at roulette: one sets, quite simply, on a chance. The numbers of the wheel are all divided into three different categories and in each category there are 18. There are:
Bet Payout Chances Beschreibung
11. Red Black 1:1 48,6% Red oder Black
12. Low numbers 1:1 48,6% Area “1 to 18”
13. High numbers 1:1 48,6% Area “19 to 36”
14. Even odd 1:1 48,6% Area “Even” or “Odd”
The payout for Simple Chances is always at a ratio of 1: 1. If you are right, you can double your bets quickly. Because these opportunities are very simple, they are also the most popular.

More about the gameplay

– If the zero or the double zero (only in American roulette), wins the bank. From this rule the casino draws the house advantage. Of course, players can also set to zero.

– You can put it so long until the croupier says the magic words “nothing more” ( “Rien ne va plus”). No further chips may be placed. If you play roulette online, the device simply does not accept any more bets.

– The minimum amount of bets is determined by the casino. For example, if you have a minimum of $ 5 at a table, you can not distribute these $ 5, but you must bet at least $ 5 with each bet.

– The number of bets is generally not limited per player.

– The rules of online roulette do not differ from those in a live casino. However, there are virtually no other players that could interfere.


Roulette is a very simple gamble. This means: the house advantage is very high, and you have to be very, very lucky to influence the game. Although roulette is the ultimate gamble, gamblers can still use some clues to guide their fate into the right direction.
American Roulette vs. European Roulette

An important tip for beginners is: prefer to play European roulette. In addition to the zero, the American wheels also have a doubletle, a field that drastically increases the house’s advantage. Many professional players therefore focus on playing in European casinos only.


In paroli (a positive progression betting system) you increase your bet when you win, and decrease it when you lose. This is much more intuitive for most, because you are so irritating your lucky streaks and at the same time you reduce your losses if it does not run so well in roulette.

Paroli system

However, the Paroli system is also extremely risky. You have to end your lucky strikes in principle, before you have no luck – otherwise everything will be gone very quickly.


In contrast to negative-progression betting systems, where you double your bet when you lose, the Parlay system (positive-progression betting system) pretends to increase with the win if you win. This is much more profitable in the long term because the advantage of this system is that it allows you to take advantage of lucky strands. In addition, you only risk your profits. In a Martingale system, you often risk your entire credit rather than just your profit.

Parlay System in Roulette

If you want to try the progressive betting system Parlay, then there are a few rules that you should consider. First place one chip each on five different numbers. If you miss all the numbers, try again until you hit one of them. This gives you a profit of 30 chips in this round. Add another chip to each number. If you hit, then you have a profit of 60 chips, in addition to your profit of 30 chips, which corresponds to a total profit of 90 chips.

If you miss their numbers, you are still with a plus of 20 chips. Add more chips until you no longer hit, then return to your initial value of one chip per number. With this system, it is possible to make high profits, while keeping its losses within a manageable framework.


Probably the most widely used roulette system is the so-called Martingale system (a negative progression betting system). In this strategy, it is a matter of reversing previous losses with an increase (twice) of the next bet. Statistically speaking, 50% of the time would have to be won and lost. If you increase your stake after a loss, you can recover all losses with the next victory.

So if you win, you go on with the same bet. If you lose, you double the original bet.

Martingale in Roulette Australia

The Martingale system is naturally controversial in roulette because there is no guarantee that the next color is the winning color. The strategy also has a disadvantage, because one gets fast on this way to its employment maximum. Even if you win, you have to make very large bets.

Basically it is therefore advisable to look for a table where the minimum use is very small and the maximum use is very high. Thus, if you want to use this strategy, you can play for as long as possible.


The D’Alembert strategy works according to the same principle as the Martingale system, and thus a negative progression betting system, but the bets are not doubled or halved, but the units are not divided or divided into one unit or unit. In a win, the bet is reduced by one unit in the next game. If you lose the bet, add a unit in the next round.

D'Alembert in Roulette Australia

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