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Slot Machines History

The History of Slot Machines

In online casino australia bonus succeeds admirably to combine classic and modern gaming. The contrast is unique. After all, the more than 140 machines conjure Edwardian Under vaulted pure Las Vegas feeling. Few steps above you will find Roulette, Black Jack Poker. Many legends surround the history of slot machines. Thus was born in 1888 the Black Cat the light of day. Invented by the brothers Caille showed this vending machine “cat” already features a “slot. The design corresponded to the Victorian pomp, the side were trigger-lever and coin slot.

Swabian tinkerers

Only a few years later, a German wearing down in the history of Slot Machines: The Swabian emigrants August Fey is on 1890 simple dice devices without payout mechanism in the USA. Only three years later enter the machine gains without human intervention from. The first slot machine had a roulette wheel modeled. A little later the three-wheel machine, the ancestor of the coin machines originated. 1907 from Feys inventiveness a profession. He teams up with the Mills Novelty Company, which manufactures rolling devices. The basis for this: The United States patent 450.336 on April 14, 1891 for to improvement in “coin-Actuated vending apparatus.”

British fruit

On the rollers of the early play, there are the well-known today for fruit symbols “cherry” or “strawberry”. In England, therefore, knows the machines as “fruit machines”. The design of the one-armed bandit created early 50s the US artist Frank Polk. The typical American gambling machines had shape and size of Indians and cowboys; right pull lever. Born the icon of the slot machines was gambling.

American retailers

Boffins invented early “automatic vending containers”, which offered about mechanically cigars. However, with the rigorous US legislation found sales and game closer together. Gaming machines now offered not only games but also Chewing Gum and other. But this creative phase ended. During the period of Prohibition and gambling was officially banned. But in the US was further played. 1931 to have been active in New York alone, more than 25,000 slot machines. And the development went on.

Bald seized slot machines to classic casino games such as poker, blackjack or roulette. Today classic one-armed bandits are rare like Four Leaf Clover. For the digitization also made the gaming devices into multi-functional game stations. The player dives into multimedia worlds – the Casino Baden-Baden.