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European Roulette

European Roulette “C’est le jeu”. This is the classic

Where better than to OnlineCasinoAustraliaBonus could Roulette fit? The answer was already years ago nearly 200 European Monsieur Bénazet who imported this game Art of Paris and henceforth celebrated thanks to government concession in OnlineCasinoAustraliaBonus. Even today, European roulette tables flagships of top casinos. But few have in their repertoire. Casino OnlineCasinoAustraliaBonus. For the guests, the European Roulette is synonymous with what you means “Place your bets”: “savoir vivre” in the game.

Goal of the game

Unlike the American roulette you are sitting at the table. In front of you, the green of the table (tableau) invites you to use. Here you will find the betting field with 36 consecutive tenacious, 1 to 36 – and the zero (Zero). In the boiler, the numbers are ordered differently.

Running the game

No Longest and neutral supervision. At European Roulette is the chef de table the Ordres. He leads his team (Equipe) – and assigns discrepancies that sometimes occur in the heat of the game. “Play your game. Faites votre jeu “. The game begins. You bought at the box office or at the table Tokens: Counters for Roulette there are as desired, from 2 5,000 euros. Now you make your bets. A sudden sense advises you to “26”. You to dispose. This is due to an equally polite as decisive in order, as long as the table head the time of use: Closed “No more, rien ne va plus”. Now the croupier throws the ball ( “He turns away”). The game begins and ends after a short time. For the one with happiness; for others this time without. Monsieur Bénazet would say: C’est la vie.

The team around the table head over to your desired, combinations of numbers or the table “remote” to set numbers (of items). They assisted also Fortuna. You pay off the profits. You do not need to fear that the overview is lost in a turbulent game. Croupiers have a trained Number and face memory. In Casino your profit always comes.