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American Roulette

American Roulette, aptly abbreviated: Am Roul

The name is an omen .. Why the American Roulette short “AmRoul” is, this version of the French original betrays fix: The game is faster, because the guests take the happiness in their own hands. Place the purchased at the casino box office or at the table tokens (tokens, chips) itself The players are at the table and have-in the best sense of the word -. Rub shoulders. In front of you is the playing field. Only a croupier has the director.

Typically American: Chips

At French Roulette they are called tokens, at the American Roulette chips. This is different: In the classic roulette the casino sets the values ​​of the tokens. When AmRoul games – as you like – with wheel-checks, special tokens. You determine the value of “your” chips before the first match. Symbol and color you indicate: The part of me. Who in OnlineCasinoAustraliaBonus wants to play again at the one table, sometimes on another, use only the tokens. But who wants to be fast at his table, one is chips or tokens. Because AmRoul is typically American, flexible, fix. Both game currencies are OK. “Your” chips are American Roulette, but only as long as you are at your table.

Typically American: Racetrack

Another peculiarity of the American Roulette reveals, this is about fast games: The racecourse. This is a separate setting button next to the “big”. It shows the numbers visually according to the order in which they are to be found in the boiler. So you can bet on numbers, the “geographic” lying next to or behind each other in the boiler: series and sub numbers. Who left and right of the Zero relies on two neighboring numbers, sets to zero, 3, 26 and right hand 32 and 15. Five chips are OK.