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The Online Roulette is a great game that attracts a large no of Online casino players. Although there are many different versions of the game, two main versions of this game are the American roulette and European roulette . There is no doubt that if a casino should be limited to propose two types of roulette, it certainly choose these two variants. At first, both games seem to have much in common, but one of the two versions gives more advantage as compare to others.

European Roulette, American Roulette: Place your bets – as desired.

Have not one of them to be a legend. 37 numbers from 0 to 36, a ball, a so-called boiler, in which the ball passes. And a table on which the inserts are to be placed. But gambling Roulette has cultivated this apparently so simple details of gambling and applicable to game art.

From the hand of the dealer’s ball turns into the number of the circular rotating boiler. Now anything goes. Rien ne va plus. The ball encircled first quickly, then more slowly (and more exciting) the center of the boiler. In this run it passes red and black compartments with numbers from 1 to 36 and the zero (on green felt). Finally, the run ends in a number. And the wins. Previously you have contributed your part to match: your bet. You have set to numbers, colors or combinations of numbers. That is: you bet that the ball will stop in a number slot you’ve chosen specifically or as part of combination. Connect with the bank from a bet.

Opportunities and Jetons are depending on to take risk and combinations

In your application, you have several options. You can use as much, depending on the passion and courage to take risks and combinations prove as they like. And you can determine the amount the stakes in its (value). Given use of the tokens, the traditional tokens or in a casino – hot modern chips.

You get this casino currency at the box office or at the table (as in American Roulette). Then put these tokens or ask the dealer at the table, to place it. If players choose the same numbers, not divides a potential gain. Everyone benefits in the event of cases of Fortuna. A basic rule: The more numbers in a combination, the higher the chance. But lower order so is the profit. Risk has its price. Who “simple chances” preferred chooses red or black, odd or even, or relies on the first (1-18) or the second half of the numbers (19-36). Win your number, the dealer is working for you: He will push the gain of the same amount as the application across.

However, if you trust your luck or your specific Glücksszahl, put them on a “full” (individual) number. My birthday is the 26th of November. And the ball will stop on the 26th Then, from 10 Euro insert 350 euros (35 times). And you share the joy (if you like): Traditional gets the staff at the roulette table a chip in the bet. It looks forward to your message. “For In places”. After all, the staff at the casino also be paid from this tip (Tronc).

Variations in Roulette Table

However, if you look more closely to the history of these two games, you’ll notice that above tables, the European wheel has a 0 while the single table in the American roulette has a 0 and 00.

Roulette table

You may be trying to smile and tell you that you are entitled to even greater numbers in American roulette, which should be a good thing, but in fact, this additional number changes everything. Thinking about it logically, you will see that the additional 00 reduces your chances of winning but there is now an additional number on which the ball can fall off. It gives this table structure more important than the European roulette table’s advantage.

Betting On Roulette

In games of European and American roulette, the gain for a bet on the right number is 35:1. And as the game table has an additional U.S. number, but with exactly the same chances as the European version, there is less likely that your number came out, and luck does not make it either.

From a mathematical point of view, a player can have more advantage in the European roulette table than on a American roulette table; the table has almost double, with an advantage of 5.26%. This means that over the long term, for every 100 you bet on the two tables you gain more on European table.

Add to fact that the American roulette table offers the worst possible bet in the game, namely the bet five numbers which is located at the top of the table where you can bet on the numbers 0,’ 00 , 1, 2 and 3. This bet has more advantage that you can have.

Best Roulette

As you can see, European roulette is a much better choice than the American table. While it is usually the tables of American roulette in the USA and not really in Europe, both versions are available at online casinos and you should always play the Roulette that you consider most beneficial to you.

Obviously, online casinos offer both versions of the game in the hope that unsuspecting players choose the American version, giving the house a greater advantage. So take the right decision and enjoy roulette game according you prefer win lose.

Simple and combined

Placing at roulette at the casino or the chips on
… A number: Plein
… The line between two numbers: Cheval
… The outline of a three-block: Transversal Pleine
… The center of the cross of four numbers: Carré
… The outline of a six-block: Transversal Simple
… Specific fields for 12 consecutive numbers (1,2,3 ..)
(12P: 1-12, 12 M: 13-24, 12 D: 25-36): dozens
… Special numbers below the rows of numbers on the table (for example, 1, 4,7 … 34)
… 18 numbers: Red / Black, Even / Odd (1-18 / 19-36)

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