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Online Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games in the world. With us you find everything about blackjack with strategy guides, tips, rules, news and much more. The biggest and best gaming sites we have personally tested and rated for you. Here you will find some of the best blackjack online casinos on the net and a chance to play with them. All criteria such as software and graphics, game offer, bonus offers and reputation are of top class.

Who wanted to “17 and 4” translating in’s American and “seventeen and four” say? The uncomplicated Americans therefore easily selected: Blackjack. Do you mean a card game that originated in the South and in France “vingt et un”, ie “21” was called. From there it migrated from the early 19th century in the United States and received the descriptive name of Blackjack. The “Black John” occurs since the 70s on in the casinos of “Old Europe”.

Blackjack bank

Blackjack is played with six playing cards to 52 cards each. In this set (maximum of seven sedentary) Players place their bets in French chips on each private box (Box). Then the dealer deals (croupier dealer blackjack) cards from the carriage. The dealer also gets a card. The goal: 21 points. Or as close to 21. Who has the card draw more than “21”, will lose in any case. The player did not even wait for the dealer’s cards. Otherwise, the Bank’s turn: The dealer must, he has “16” or less, draw another card in any case.

Take Bonus Advantage before you start Playing Blacblackjack online casinokjack

Whether you play blackjack in online or in live casinos: You should always take advantage of the benefits of bonuses offered. These promotions will help you to achieve even better and especially more profitable blackjack experience. The selection of bonuses offered is enormous and can be confusing at first. Take a look at our casino reviews to find out which casinos offer the best bonuses at the moment.

Blackjack rules

In live casinos Blackjack is played at a semicircular table, sits at the straight side of the Dealer or standing. Opposite him up to seven players place. In blackjack, the players do not play against each other, but each was against the Dealer. In online blackjack you play entirely for itself. It is usually played with six decks of cards to 52 sheets. Blackjack is the most played card game at all, which is offered in casinos

Blackjack card values

To calculate the value of the hand, the cards are added together as follows:
The Ace counts as desired either one or ten points.Cards from two to tens count according to their value all face cards jack, queen, king counts 10 points.

How to play Blackjack Game?

All players make their bets according to the limit set by the casino. Once all are done, the Dealer deals the cards. All the players and the dealer will receive one card face up. After that, each player except the Dealer, recieve another card. The player to the left of the dealer is first in line. He can ask for more cards so long until he feels close enough to the 21 to be approached. Users who exceed 21 points after the request of another card, has busts and loses immediately. In this case, the use and the player’s cards are collected by the croupier.

After the players the dealer’s turn to draw a second card. For him, there are special rules: at 17 or more, he must stand at 16 or less, he must draw a card. An ace counts always eleven points. Is overbought the croupier win all remaining players, otherwise gain only the players who are closer to 21 than the croupier. Event of a tie, the game is a draw and the player wins nothing, loses nothing.

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