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MultibankoMultiBanco is a method of online payment, operated by SIBS, it is a great way for bank transfers. It is a method of transferring funds online using a virtual credit card issued by MultiBanco to allow its holder to conduct effective online payments in MultiBanco casinos or at other retailers on the web. To activate this service, you must have a debit card or credit card issued by a bank.

It is an integrated network service between your bank and POS where you make any sale purchase deal.  Using it you can avail benefit for any kind of service you require. From a cash withdrawal to payments and from payment transfers to government payments all can be done in an easy manner using Multibanco. Besides this using this card you can avail benefit for many other services.

When it comes to online gaming it is a great method for transaction purpose. Since it was founded in 2012 large no of top casinos are offering mutibanco as payment method for its players and day by day casinos are using it as a top payment method. Now it is well known for kind of services it is offering, innovation and efficiency that one can have here. All information you provide here are kept secure and confidential.

Transactions made here are very fast and you can receive an immediate response. Due to this reason many casino players prefer to make transactions using mutibanco. At same time players should also keep in mind after 3 wrong attempts for any information they have to wait for next 24 hours. So always remind it can’t get in your way of gaming.

Signing up with multibanco is not a complicated process. You can start your account here with providing all information needed to create a virtual credit card. It also offers you choice to select between card that can be used once or multiple times. The credit cards issued as visa, master or American express virtual cards are valid only for a maximum time period of twelve month.

Provided with security before you can use it you first need to register it at banking home page or any nearby ATM of multibanco. What makes it convenient for players is direct transfer of funds into account, whenever a player makes any casino withdrawal. Then using a mutibanco ATM can avail benefit.

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