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Leon Tsoukernik are King’s Casino Expansion plans announced

If someone had told at the beginning of my trip in the poker industry that a small Czech town called Rozvadov would be one of the best poker venues throughout Europe, I would have shown him a bird.

What I did not know at that time: While I focused on cities such as Venice, Paris and London, an art dealer and poker lovers named Leon Tsoukernik had just decided to invest in a project that the European poker scene in less than two should provide decades upside.

When I started my project, to build the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, everyone thought I was crazy, “Tsoukernik Poker News told in his office at King’s. “When I think back, brought me this skeptical attitude to more fully believe my idea and to work even harder to create what we have today. The largest poker room in Europe”

While most cards casinos had to bother with dubious legal changes or so that started poker to turn my back and find games that promised higher returns to Tsoukerniks completely different approach turned out a great success – and the King’s Casino won the players in Europe itself.

“This adventure is a success since day one. On opening day 76 players stood at the door, even though we had done nothing to promote. The atmosphere was really fantastic – and we have since never stopped, “said Tsoukernik.

13 years after the opening day, the King’s Casino is no longer indispensable and player numbers go through the roof.

“Last year alone, we have more than 250,000 players brought to Rozvadov,” he said. “Although this is already a great result for a town of 500 people, I believe that we can double these numbers, once the construction is done at the casino and the people have the opportunity to come here for a real poker vacation.”

A € 20 million investment to be the player desires justice

In the past, the King’s had to accept that a small city like Rozvadov had only a limited number of beds. This had a negative impact on growth.

Although the casino with the neighboring towns hit arrangements to the players to accommodate in hotels and guest houses there, still flocked to many poker enthusiasts to Rozvadov to play in the King’s.

“I think we have lost almost half of our customers, because we could not accommodate and now it’s time to bring them back again,” said Tsoukernik. “In August 2017 visitors will get a completely new King’s Casino to face. We expand the casino area not just about 1,800 square meters, to make room for 40 more tables, but we will also open up a fantastic new hotel with 218 additional rooms. ”

With the € 20 million invested in the Tsoukernik the project, he does exactly what every successful entrepreneur, if it finds a problem: He solves it.

“The first three floors of the new building will be a 4-star hotel, the fourth floor will have 5 stars and 18 luxury suites to meet even the most demanding guests meet,” he said.

And that’s not all: The top floor is home to a fully equipped wellness center, which is equipped with hot tubs, saunas, massage rooms and a fitness center.

“Once the conversion is finished and we opened the new area, we will work to bring back the business and leisure players who have not returned, because we could not meet them with our offer,” he said. “Professional players take hours-long journeys in purchase to find a good game, because for them only poker plays a role. People from the business community and amateur players see things a bit different: you want good games, but they also want to relax, have a drink and can retreat to enjoy the evening. Soon all this will be possible in an unprecedented environment in the King’s. ”

Probably the best cash games in Europe

Despite its ambitious plans Tsoukernik is determined to keep poker as a main field of activity:

“When you’re in King’s, are roulette, slots and blackjack only side games,” said Tsoukernik. “I love poker. I love everything and I love that everyone plays poker -. Therefore I will make the King’s at the best possible destination for poker players ”

While most European casinos for other ways around to earn money, Tsoukernik seems to have set to poker as the main business model. He believes that it is best to respond to the needs of players to recoup his investment.

“Every player is king in the King’s Casino. Our players are always right, even if that is not the case. You are our customers and we have the best possible deal, “continued Tsoukernik. “We have an extremely professional team with dealers who are trained in our own dealer school, and one of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic, which is available to players. Everyone who comes here is treated like a real king, because our business will only work if we can convince the players of it to come back every time they want to play. ”

Clear: An all-you-can-eat buffet, which is open 24 hours, is fantastic. Sitting in a restaurant, meet in the Kobe steaks and fresh lobsters the norm, is not too shabby. Nevertheless, the only way to attract players each time to Rozvadov, if they want to play, is to offer them what they are looking at the end: challenging and nonstop poker action.

“I know of no other place in Europe where you could find the same action as in the King’s,” presented Tsoukernik laid proud. “I do not mean to say that we are the only ones on the continent, offering poker at a high level, but we have more regular games than most other casinos. That’s a fact.”

People like the King’s, because there they have a chance:

“We have a mixed field that also consists of businessmen and recreational players – not only professionals play here,” said Tsoukernik. “That’s why people love the games at the King’s because they know that they come here, have fun and win.”

An example of the player who receives the King’s, and the action offered by the casino, is the last edition of the World Poker Tour National: A Vietnamese restaurant owner who plays poker only in his spare time, won the Main Event for $ 83,000 ,

“Currently, we bring together many different players and I know that the casino has also become a popular destination for Asian players,” he said. “When you get to the King’s, one always meets different people with different cultures and bankrolls. This contributes to the challenge, and people love that. “

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