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Slot machines have been one of the most popular offers in casinos for many decades. The increasing popularity of online casinos has not changed this, on the contrary. Also on the Internet the so-called online slots are very popular, especially the game machines Jackpots provide an enormous attraction. If you are looking for the right machines, you have the chance to win an Australian online jackpot in millions – but the chances of such a win are, of course, relatively low.

Nevertheless, a jackpot offers the highest profit you can get in a slot. For some game machines, you only need to see certain symbols in an active profit line (and, of course, in sufficient numbers), but for other titles, you can only crack the online jackpot in a special bonus round. How exactly such a bonus round looks is, of course, different from game to game, but normally you have to have the necessary luck. On their own abilities, however, these bonuses are very rare, so you can only improve the chances a bit, do not make definite gains.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot in Australia is different from the jackpots on other slots because a small part of the bets of all players flow into a large pool. This is gradually becoming bigger, the exact height of the jackpot can be seen within the respective game. In some slots even the bets in several casinos or with other slots from the same row are joined together, so here are a lot of bets to the jackpot, which is won only relatively rarely. In addition, you do not have to worry about going out of the box when you hit the jackpot after another player has won it. A progressive jackpot is usually not started at zero, but has a certain height already at the start.

Differences between offline and online jackpot

Basically, there are no significant differences between an offline and an online jackpot. In both traditional casinos and casinos on the Internet, a small part of the bets flows into the jackpot, which gradually rises until it is cracked by a player. With the help of the corresponding technology, it is also possible in conventional casinos to connect different game machines to one another. It is also possible to connect different machines in the same casino as well as the connection of machines, which can be found in different casinos.

On the Internet, the functionality is comparable, in individual cases it is mainly the manufacturer of the software as well as the operators of the casino, which should have certain guidelines on this topic. For players, however, it is quite easy to learn more about the exact amount of the bonus. This is finally displayed within the game, usually even before you started the slot.

What jackpot types are there in game machines?

In general, players have the opportunity to use a variety of slots with certain jackpots in an online jackpot casino. On the one hand, there are quite normal machines, where the maximum profit depends on the height of the inserts. However, the ratio of bets to winnings is always the same, with higher wagers you can only increase the amount of winnings if you see the sufficient amount of symbols on the reels.

In addition to these traditional slot machines, you can find in almost every online casino a number of variants with a progressive jackpot. However, the amount of maximum payouts for the jackpot online slots differs enormously. While for some titles the highest winnings are usually in the four-digit range, the jackpots for other slots are – as already mentioned – sometimes even in the double-digit million range.

A payout of the jackpot is, of course, much more rare. Those who are more interested in smaller but somewhat more regular winnings should opt for slots with small jackpots or the alternatives without a progressive jackpot. Players who are looking for the nerve tickle as well as the chance for gains that will change their own lives on a lasting basis should rather play an online jackpot.

Which Jackpot variant offers the highest profit chance?

This question is not easy to answer, since it is important, of course, which goals you have as a player. If you are looking for slots with the highest possible payout ratio, you will have different needs than customers of online casinos who want to use a slot where the maximum profit is as high as possible. In general, the payout rate for slots with fixed payouts can of course be specified very precisely. In some casinos you can find information on these values ​​on the website, usually down to the second place after the comma. Many manufacturers of the corresponding software also have information on this question on their website.

If a progressive jackpot belongs to a slot, the payout rate can no longer be calculated exactly, since the maximum amount of winnings can vary greatly. That is why the casino can not enjoy any advantage over the players if the jackpot has not been cracked over a relatively long period of time. Experienced gamblers are waiting for such opportunities and, above all, invest their money as they hope for a big win.

Popular jackpot slots and casinos that offer jackpot slots

Slots with a progressive jackpot are found in virtually every casino on the internet. It is very important for the operators to include such securities in the portfolio as they are very popular among customers. Two good examples of such titles are slots like Mega Moolah by Microgaming or Mega Fortune by Net Entertainment. With a maximum profit of around 17.9 million euros, Mega Fortune had already secured an entry into the Guinness Book of Records a few years ago, since this was the largest ever paid jackpot in an online casino. In October 2015, however, this amount was once again surpassed when a Briton cracked the jackpot of the Mega Moolah slot.

If you are also hoping for such a jackpot or a slightly smaller jackpot, you should take a look at the Slots category in your online casino. Often the games with a progressive jackpot are also displayed separately, so the selection should be easier once again. Of course you should take a look at the rules before the first stakes. With some slots it is only possible to crack the jackpot after placing the maximum stake. In other slots, players can crack the jackpot with bets of a few cents. Overall, however, playing is worthwhile in any case, after all, nerve tickle is guaranteed – especially if you manage to get into the bonus round and just before the jackpot wins.

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