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If you are a kind of player who always dream of winning big in online casinos, maybe the Jackpot City is the online casino you have to try your luck. Jackpot House’ as it is sometimes called by its fans, casino until the date is known for paying some of the big jackpots in the history of online casinos. No wonder, online casino players from around the world quite often feel pleasure to play Jackpot City. Full with several features Jackpot City Casino is also much liked and played in Australia as well. Below are some features of casino online that gives several reasons why Jackpot City casino is so famous.

Software Used at Jackpot City

Jackpot City casino is powered by the proven Microgamig software. Players can download or install the software in their PCs for fast and better gaming or chooses to play the game directly from the browser. However, the version of the chip has fewer games as compared with the download version. You can also download the version that has more graphics, enhanced sounds and some extra features. These features are not available in some earlier versions; however, this difference should not be an issue to consider. While downloading software you should also keep in mind operating system of your computer.

Jackpot City Casino Games

Jackpot City game is best known for its high quality graphic games. There are more than 300 online casino games available at this gaming leader that you can choose from. Jackpot City has some of the most played games in its gaming list: the games table such as Dice, different versions of Roulette, and slots, card games such as Twenty-one, poker variations, and Baccarat unique games such as card scratching, online slots, and 14 progressive jackpots which ranges from few thousands to millions of dollars. It is difficult to mention all the games on offer here. Graphics panel of these games are very simple and they can be easily navigated.

Bonus and Promotions at Jackpot City

There is a large no bonus and promotions available at Jackpot City. It offers CAN $ 25 brightness for each new player they can use to play the slots (slots only). Apart from that, there have progressive bonuses for loyal players, not to mention the monthly special promotions ranging from free cruise holidays and luxury cars. In general, it will not be wrong if that is one of the best progressive bonuses available today in the field of online casino.

Online Support at Jackpot City

This is something that every online casino gives importance and the City of the Jackpot is no different. It offers 24/7 after sales toll free phone, email and live chat service. As has been observed, most of the time, responses by email are quite specific.

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