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Information on Poker Bonus Codes

Poker Bonus CodeMany poker platforms offer your players bonuses to attract as many players as possible to their platform. The providers expect that the poker players then also linger on your platform and not so fast to change another.

Each platform offers poker bonuses, but the bonus payments differ greatly from your appeal.

And 888 Poker offers e.g. A 100% bonus up to $ 800 on the first deposit using our bonuscode pokerworld24. William Hill Poker offers its players a very attractive deposit bonus. – 200% with a deposit up to € 1,400 when using the Poker Bonus Code PWORLD24.

These bonuses are not paid directly, however, but the player must first earn the poker bonus by playing a certain number of “raked hands”.
What are “raked hands”?

Poker rooms earn money by holding a certain amount of each pot played (usually 5% to max. $ 3). This amount is called “rake”. In some poker rooms, it is enough to get cards to get a “raked hand”. While you must be involved in the pot.

As a player, the question now arises: “Should I change the platform when I get my bonus?”

This question depends on many factors. On the one hand, some platforms offer reload bonus payments, on the other hand you have to ask the question how successfully you have played on a platform.

The answer must be found by everyone, but it makes sense to use the different bonus payments.

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