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How can the spirit in

Nobody likes to be a sore loser. Just because you have lost a board game, video game, or a game of poker, it does not mean that you should leave your friends. Here are some tips to stay cool, even if it does not always go so well.

Even as an adult, it is possible to catch in the heat of competition. If that happens, even the ripest be a child again, whether pouting or in a fit of rage. There is also nothing to gain wrong with the request, but losses you pass on the way yet often, so you should know how best to handle it.

Congratulations to the winners

Even if you congratulate the winner with a gnashing of teeth, it is a good way to take the focus away from themselves. A simple handshake or “well done” goes to the “Loser” get rid of the image and to be a “good loser”.

If you give your opponents or teammates to blame, at your failure, pull negative attention. Depending on the circumstances, you can even start to take pleasure in other people’s victories.

Think about the consequences

They want to prove that you are the best and that you deserve respect. This kind of thinking is hard to shake because it is rooted in the personality. Think but rather about it what consequences it brings with it, when you show up on this page.

Get out if you the situation is too much

Nothing to say is always better than to say, or to pretend. If the anger raging inside, rather then leave the table. to rest for a few minutes and then continue to play.

Control your emotions

We all are sometimes angry, but if you are prone to competition they avoid it.

Practice to be a dignified winner

Next time, if you lose you practice the loss. It may sound a little silly, but positive sportsmanship rubs off on people.

Think you have in mind why you started to play

Remember, the whole point of games and sports is that you enjoy it.

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