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Exclusive casino bonus only on Casino Toplists

What is an exclusive bonus?

An exclusive casino bonus is a very special bonus, which is provided by the casino specifically for the kunas who register through our site, or who have already created an account through CasinoToplists. This gives you access to certain offers and promotions, which are only intended for our online casino customers. From free spins, over no deposit bonus deals, to low-scooters and high-scooter special deals, there is something for every type of player. We’ve partnered with the best online casinos on the web to find the best deals.

Who do the casinos receive the exclusive bonuses?

The exclusive bonus is available to anyone who logs into CasinoToplists at one of our partner casinos. These exclusive bonuses have been specially designed for our customers. You can not find them online anywhere else.
What is the difference between a regular and an exclusive casino bonus?

Casinos regularly offer bonuses to lure customers. But customers who register through our site have a big advantage: they can enjoy absolutely amazing deals, which can only be obtained by registering at the casino of their choice.

What exclusive bonuses are there?

There are a variety of different, exclusive bonus offers that vary from casino to casino. But you can be sure that there is the right bonus for every kind of player and for every taste. Among them are the Deposit Bonus, the No Deposit Bonus, the Free Spins, a modification of the betting conditions of special bonus forms, and special bonuses for High Roller and Low Roller. We have put together what different, exclusive offers and discounts you can find on our platform.

The Deposit Bonus

You must first invest your own money with the deposit bonus. Then come to the casino by giving you the same amount again – or even more than the original deposit was worth. At CasinoToplists we have the best deals and discounts that you can find for its deposit!

The No Deposit Bonus

If you sign up for an exclusive No Deposit bonus, you do not have to deposit a single cent. In principle, the casino gives you free money, so you can test the games without paying. Our partners are very generous to our customers. There are exclusive cash-up front bonuses. Here you get a fixed amount at the beginning – let’s say, 50 euros. Or you get a time-limited bonus, which is usually bigger, but must be lost in a certain time – about 500 euros, which must be converted within two hours.

Free Spins

Of all the exclusive casino bonus types available, the Free Spins are by far the most popular promotions. Casinos give these bonuses very glad, so that you try the game machines and the platform in general. With Free Spins one can win real money. You can also use the winnings from the Free Spins to start a bankroll – without paying a single cent. Casinos usually give 20 free spins, sometimes up to 40, but we have exclusive deals that give you up to 100 free spins when you sign up to our partners through our site.

High-roller Exclusive Bonus

If you are a high roller, then you are ready for a decent VIP treatment. Our partner casinos love customers who want to spend a lot of money, and will treat you very, very well if you do it. To give players an extra motivation to deposit very high sums, online casinos give you a high roller bonus. These bonuses can be up to 1000 € high. Sometimes, however, they also represent a percentage of the total sum that has been paid. If you are looking to get rid of a lot of money, you should look at the welcome discounts on our Promotions page – maybe you can play even more extravagant than you thought!

Low-roller Exclusive Bonus

These bonuses are more for the players who do not want to spend much money on the games. We have a wide selection of exclusive offers for these types of players, who want to invest only small sums and still want to make a lot of money. For example, you can get 200% on your deposit as a bonus if you pay 10 €, 20 € or 50 €. This kind of exclusive bonuses can get you on the right track and make sure you get the amount you want – without the high risk. Check out our exclusive low-roller bonuses on our Promo page.

What to look for – betting conditions

Each casino has its own specific contract and betting terms, which are related to the exclusive bonus. This is why you have to read them carefully before deciding to sign up at the casino. This is the best way to find out which exclusive casino bonus is a really good one. This is all the more important for the welcome bonus: you can get it only once. Therefore you should really check the conditions before you tie yourself to an online casino deal, which one is not at all good.

There are some special conditions for some welcome offers, such as maximum payout limits or a certain deal to be achieved. If you read through the conditions beforehand and realize that it has to be released, it means that you have to spend a certain buzzer first in the game before you can let your winnings be paid out of the bonus at all.

The specific terms are different from casino to casino however. It may be that you have to deposit a certain amount of money, about 10 €, to get the bonus money credited to the player account. It may be that you have to use the bonus money 10, 20 or 50 times.

In addition, you should always check beforehand for which games the bonus is valid at all and whether the conditions are the same for each game. Sometimes it is about the case that online casinos do not allow bonus money to be used for games like roulette. Another condition could be that you can not play the maximum bet – but only 10% or 20% of the bonus. You can also not open more than one account in one online casino – each bonus code can only be used once.

The validity of the exclusive bonus – how long is it valid?

You are asked to use the bonus within a specific timeframe. How big the time frame is depends on the type of your bonus and casino to casino. Larger deposit rebates usually have to be used in a shorter time, approximately within 24 hours. You have more time when it comes to smaller bonuses, usually around the 7 days, but also this should be checked in any case always and in principle in the user definitions of the online casino.

How do you get the exclusive bonus?

First you have to register at the casino, which offers the bonus, on our promotions page, if you are a new customer. If it is a bonus for already registered players, then you must already have an account in the casino.

You will be redirected from our Promo page directly with a click on the corresponding bonus page. From here, you must follow all instructions and conditions to get the bonus. The exclusive bonus code can be found on the promo page exactly where the listing is. You usually have to enter this after clicking on the casino page, as soon as you log in to your account or create a new account.

For which games is the bonus code valid?

The games for which you can use the bonus code depend on the specific bonus and, of course, on the terms and conditions of the online casino. As a general rule, game machines have the easiest rules, but bonuses are also available for craps, baccarat, pai gow poker, blackjack, roulette and Caribbean stud.

Can I use the same code more than once?

No, an exclusive bonus can only be used once in the online casino via the same account. Anyone who tries to get the same bonus twice by opening multiple accounts will be punished. So leave your fingers off! But do not worry, our partner casinos offer great offers to new customers as well as existing ones. So always have a look at our page.

The advantages and disadvantages of an exclusive casino bonus

If you are still not sure whether such an exclusive bonus is for you:

Benefits of an exclusive casino bonus

  • You can play with free money and win real money!
  • You can look around as a beginner or novice in the world of online Casions, test games and learn rules.

The disadvantages of an exclusive casino bonus

There are sometimes very strict conditions for paying out their winnings.

  • Some bonuses are only valid for certain games
  • Search for your exclusive casino bonus today!

Clearly, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! That’s why exclusive casino offers are also so popular among the players. You get the chance to get free winnings for free and you do not even have to take a risk.

What do you not like about it? So, check out our current Exclusive Bonus programs. They are specially made for you, our dear customers of CasinoToplists, and we hope you enjoy playing completely free. There is an exclusive bonus for every type of player – no one is left out!

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