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EntroPayEntropay is most popular Virtual visa card which offers an easy access of funds to users. It helps all users and merchants transfer money easily.  This newest way of online transaction is fast easy and most importantly it’s totally secure regarding both your money and information.  Formed in 2003 as a part of Ixaris group is certified by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) of UK. This is very much similar to your visa or prepaid debit card but here you will find some special features that help you to make any international transaction easily.

Contrary to what one might think, an account at EntroPay is not like a bank account. It is impossible to debit money directly or issuing checks. However, as the holder of an account with EntroPay, you have a Visa card to make transactions. Visa Company also recognizes the card suitable for Australian EntroPay services is consistent with conventional debit cards issued by the company. It is present globally and you can use it easily.

Your Entropay Account is virtual prepaid Account it means you need to fill your account before you start using it. It avoids the risk of getting extravagant. Secondly for all casino players here the games played with real cash rather than virtual money. To make any transactions using it you will get a virtual debit card. At all places where visa card is accepted you can use it. A virtual debit card is different from normal card.

To start using it you need to get registered with Entropay and there is no charge for using it that makes all potential clients happy. Also it is not associated with any bank or financial institutions. After getting registered here whatever amount you need you can transfer it from your credit or debit card. The best feature you will find when using this card is you will have the access to manage your card. All this can be visiting the Entropay website.

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