Blackjack Rules

Successful participation in a game always requires the exact knowledge of its rules. This is especially true for Blackjack, because this game is not only based on luck, but the success is influenced by the decisions of the players. Placing yourself easily, without knowing the rules, at a blackjack table can be expensive.

We recommend that you read the rules first and then practice at the free Blackjack table in the online casino. Then you should also acquire some theoretical knowledge about the strategies, also practice them free of charge and only then play for real money. Most online casinos offer a Blackjack Rules pdf-document on their pages, in which all rules are explained clearly.

The Blackjack Rules are very simple in principle. You try to get as close as possible to the score of 21 with your own cards without exceeding them. The dealer, that is, the casino, tries to achieve this goal according to fixed rules, but in its possibilities is more limited than the player. The one who is closer to 21 wins. Equality (push) means undecided and the player gets his bet back. If you exceed 21 (Bust), lose!

Blackjack card values

The most important Blackjack rule is the Blackjack card values, which are very easy to learn. The ace counts one or eleven points, all number cards count the value indicated, and Jack, queen, king count 10 points: that’s it. An advantage of the player against the dealer is that the value of the ace is determined only when the player no longer purchases another card. Then the Dealer counts the Ace as it is most favorable for the player.
When playing, according to Blackjack Rules, the dealer only issues two open cards to one or more players before handing two cards to himself. Only one card of the dealer is revealed. The other card remains hidden: this card is called “hole card”. You will only see this card after all players have played and the dealer is on the move.

Blackjack Rules: Split

If you have two equivalent cards, two 8s, two Jacks, or two Kings, the player can make another bet and split the cards (split). Then he adds another to each of the two cards and plays with two hands. This doubles both your profit chances and loss chances. The split decision is one of the strategic considerations that arise in the game and you should proceed here as a matter of course.

Blackjack Rules: Buy tickets

After splitting and possibly splitting you can now buy more cards – the English term for this is “Hit”. You may purchase an unlimited amount, but you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to exceed 21. If you “surpass” and exceed the 21, you have lost, no matter whether the dealer is overbought or not.

If all players have moved, the dealer is the turn. He has to buy until he has 17 or more points, then he can not buy any more. In some casinos and online casinos the dealer also buys a “soft 17”, a 17 with an ace, even further.

Now the following is settled: if you have the same result as the dealer (ie both have overbought, or both the same score), the “push” is called and you get the bet back. If you have more points than the dealer, you get the double bet as profit, you have less points wins the dealer and cash your bet.

Blackjack Rules: What is the Blackjack?

The best hand in the game is the Blackjack. Today, a Blackjack means you get 21 points with only two cards. So you hold an ace as well as a 10, jack, lady or king. If the dealer does not have a blackjack, you have won. The payout for a “natural” Blackjack, ie 21 points with two cards, is 1.5 times the bet.
The name Blackjack comes from the fact that only the card combination Pik-Ass and Pik Bube used to form the Blackjack. Today, it is considerably easier to reach a blackjack.

The Blackjack Rules can be learned and internalized in a short time. But the rules alone are not enough to control this game. We strongly recommend that you practice the game money tables of your online casinos, as well as studying the most common strategies, could help your success.

Tips and tricks for a suitable Blackjack strategy

Blackjack is a card game that requires a good mix of luck and skill. No player can play Blackjack and win all games. Nevertheless, a good Blackjack strategy can help to increase the profit chances or at least keep the losses within limits. If the Blackjack Rules lead beginners for the first time, they may sound somewhat complicated at first sight. But with increased game practice experience values ​​are set and the structure of the card game is understood very quickly. If you win often, you will have much more fun playing Blackjack. While there are some Blackjack strategies, there is no guarantee of continued profits.
The different blackjack variants differ according to the Blackjack Rules, how often the cards are mixed and how much cards are used. How often a split is allowed and when doubling is possible is different from variant to variant. That is why our most important Blackjack tip is to search for the right variant for you.

In advisor’s on the subject are often read more Blackjack Rules.

Here are the most important of these:

Never go after the losses: Whether you are playing Blackjack online or real at the table, you must set a loss amount beforehand and stick it down consistently!
Insurance (insurance against a blackjack of the dealer): Do not waste your employment. Experts have found that this is not useful. Also in the event that the dealer is the first card to hold an ace, you should not let a blackjack pay out to the ratio 1: 1.
Splits: Keep splitting within limits, because each split costs money. We recommend splitting only on the following card combination: two aces, two eights, two nines.

Is Blackjack counting cards allowed?

Especially in land-based casinos, many players are pursuing a strategy: counting cards. Although the Blackjack cards count is not illegal, it is not liked by the casino operators. If a player is caught, he is referred to the casino and receives lifelong casinos for this casino. This already shows that the Blackjack cards count the profit chances definitely increased. The casinos responded with the increase of the card packs used and the decks are also not played to the end. Nevertheless, the Blackjack is still possible to count cards because no one can look into the player’s head. Card counting methods include the “high-low” system or the “true count” system. This is to find out when cards with high and low value have come out of balance. You can read more about this topic here.

We recommend playing the blackjack games as a pleasure and entertaining pastime and, at the most, superficially counting the cards. So the entertainment value is not too short and you still have a rough overview of the map distribution in the deck. Have fun with the Blackjack Rules. The time of learning will definitely be worth it, because Blackjack is really an interesting game.

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